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Willits News Page 4-Wednesday April 18,2007
The Almost-Perfect Party
    The Little Lake Grange enent committee would like to thank Robin Krauss of Sky-Talk-It Productions for executing a near perfect dinner-dance event: The Freedom Dance Cafe held April 7. Near perfect because the only thing missing were attendess.
    The level of professionalism exhibited by his staff and associates was indeed impressive. For the forunate ones in attendance the evening was truly a multi-sensory event: organic dinner catered by Sugar magnolias, a full non-alcholic drink selection catered by Willits Shakespeare Company, numerous craft-and-clothing vendors (including our own Willits Ancient Circles), a light show and dining while watching the Beatles classic Yellow Submarine. It doesn't get much better-but it did when the bands began to play: Druid Sisters Tea Party, Thorn Petals and the Serendipity Project. A multi-generational audience was treated in great style to a first-class evening of family fun.
     This was a joint fndraiser for the Little Lake Grange and the upcoming Dance For Freedom Music Festival June 16 in Recreation Grove.
     As apart of going local, please support these types of community events. Hope to see you there.
                                                                                        Richard Jergenson
                                                        Little Lake Grange 670 Event Commitee

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